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What Can You Expect From an Animal Party in London?

December 14th, 2016 | dec | Tags:

Kids’ parties are growing in popularity these days and they tend to be more than the average ‘hire a hall and have a pizza’ type parties. There is such variation in the best kids’ parties out there, that the choice can be a little overwhelming!

Pitter Patter

If you haven’t heard of them before then do some research on animal parties for children in London. The idea of hiring animals for your child’s party is so exciting that you will be just as happy as the animals available to entertain your kids! Animal parties for children in London are educational as well as fun, there is nothing more that can impress parents attending a children’s party than knowing their child is soaking up knowledge while they play. Animals that will be presented at your party range from snakes and lizards to fluffy little Chinchillas and Meerkats. The children are able to interact with the animals and not only handle them but also get to understand them more!

Hands On

Being able to touch, stroke and pet the animals at an animal party for children will allow your child to experience something that they otherwise wouldn’t. You can add plenty of optional extras to your party package including bravery awards. If you have children who are fairly shy or nervous, having that incentive of an award for being brave and holding a new animal can encourage them out of their shell in front of their friends. It’s something that should be encouraged to make their event wild!

Pick a Package

With animal parties for children in London and Essex, you can expect different packages focused towards different age groups. These are of course priced separately based on the package chosen however, with each experience come personalised perks that will individually target your child’s party to exactly what you wanted. You can find parties for children over six’s, and slightly shorter parties for theunder-fives, all of which feature animals such as lizards and snakes, as well as our cuddlier animals. Picking an animal party package that is appropriate for your child will depend on the age range of the kids attending and your budget.

Make it Wild

With such a vast array of animals, there will be something for everyone. With live snake and lizard feeding demonstrations, you will be well on your way to delivering your child a really cool party experience that their friends and they will remember forever!

If reptiles and amphibians don’t ramp up the cool factor, how about owl flying demonstrations? If your child is nuts for Harry Potter, imagine their faces when Bella the Barn Owl flies down to land or Hector the Harris Hawk flies around their garden!

Animal parties are more unusual than the normal choice, but with something a little wild comes something more fun, interesting and memorable. Education meets fun with these fantastic packages and if you manage to get a cake that matches the theme, you’ll be popular! Have your child the centre of attention with their friends and book your animal party today.