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Unique birthday party ideas for kids this summer

Planning a party can be stressful. Once you have narrowed down an invite list you still need to think of a million and one other things to help make the party a memorable one. Luckily there are some more unique ideas to make your kids party stand out.

Garden movie night

What better way to take advantage of the warm summer nights than an outside movie night. This would work well for older kids or you could just invite the parents along too if you want to plan this for a younger age bracket. Hire a projector, get the blankets and snacks out, and have your own outdoor cinema.


Kids party ideas in Essex don’t have to be traditional, however. If you like the idea of soft play or hiring a bouncy castle, why not look into a trampoline party instead for something a little different? The kids will love bouncing around and will happily tire themselves out in the process.

Pool party

With most homes not fortunate enough to have their own pool, you could look at hosting a pool party at your local leisure centre or private run pool. You can often get the pool to yourself and the kids will be able to use all of the fun floats and other equipment. It’s different and a great way to cool off on those hot summer days.

Animal party

For unusual kids party ideas in Essex, look into having a wild animal party. This hands-on experience lets children see, touch and hold various different animals from snakes and lizards to hedgehogs and chinchillas. Not only will the kids love getting up close and personal with animals they may only have seen in a zoo, you also have the upper hand in knowing it is an educational experience too.

Arty party

Whether your child loves crafts, dancing or singing, you can find party venues that cater for it all. You could create your own arts table for an outside garden party, or take the kids along to a paint a pot venue where they can design their own mugs, money boxes and figures. If you have a little performer, you can hire dance, or even recording studios where they can create their own dance routine or song.

Snow party

Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean that you need to plan your party outside. How about mixing it up and having a snow party instead? If you have a nearby indoor winter venue, the kids could learn to ski or just have fun throwing snowballs. Or you could just hire a snow machine and let the kids go crazy!

With any of these options, you have the choice of creating the experience yourself or leaving it to the professionals. Some will even provide a full party experience which includes food and party bags. Whichever theme you end up choosing, looking at the more unusual party ideas will give your child, and their friends, a birthday party to remember.