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Top Three Birthday Party Ideas from the Experts at Zoo4You

July 11th, 2017 | dec | Tags:

If your little (or not so little) one has their birthday coming up, it’s likely that they have requested a party. Do you go with a soft play party? A cinema trip with their best friends? Or invite a handful of children to go bowling? In truth, most children would love any of these ideas, but why choose something predictable when you can make their party one of the most memorable yet. Here are some of the best birthday party ideas in Essex that will guarantee fun for children, and maybe even the adults too!

Animal Birthday Party

How often does your child get to see wild animals? They may have come across certain ones on trips to the zoo, but it’s unlikely that they will have received a hands on experience. With an animal party, children will get the opportunity to be up close and personal with a snake, a tarantula, a bearded dragon, a meerkat and a tortoise among many others. They are even able to get hands on with certain animals in a safe environment which is fun and educational. You can choose from a range of packages, so no matter what your budget is, the children will still be wowed. It certainly wouldn’t be surprising if other children requested this type of party when their birthday next comes around.

Sports Party

If your child would love an energetic party full of games with their friends, you could look into a sports party. You are able to narrow down a wide range of sports in which the children will compete against each other in teams. It gives them the opportunity to play some of their favourite sports but to also try something that they may never have had the opportunity to play yet. They may even find that they are a medal winner in the closing ceremony. If you have a little competitor on your hands, a sports party might be right up their street.

Mini Pop Star Party

If you have the next Beyonce or Justin Bieber at home, a pop star party would be perfect for them. They can invite their friends and record their very own performance from the comfort of their own home. There are different packages available, one which gives them the full pop star treatment by getting them involved in a professional photo shoot alongside their singing experience. They even get to take home a copy of their song so their guests can share the experience with their parents too. It’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

With so many birthday party ideas available in Essex, picking a memorable option which hasn’t been done before can be difficult. Of course, the children will have fun even if it is something that has been done several times, but nothing beats the look on their faces when you choose something unique. The children will be talking about it for a long, long time. The only trouble is how to beat it next year!