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Top five unique birthday party ideas for teenagers

March 22nd, 2017 | dec | Tags:

Looking for birthday party ideas in Essex and other parts of the UK? Check out our top five favourite party themes for teenagers.

Baking Party

A baking party is all the rage right now. Choose items to bake which are quick and simple. Remember, you will have limited space in your oven, so make sure bake times are short enough that you can get everything baked before the end of the party. The best thing about a cooking party is that each guest can take home what they have made, which is better suited to older children and much easier than having to put together a separate party bag for each guest.

Makeover Party

A makeover party is another popular theme at the moment. This can be adapted for both boys and girls, and the theme can be fashion based or dressing up. Transform your teens into the latest film characters or super heroes, or simply let them dress each other up ready for a runway show for parents at the end of party. If going all out on this feels a little complicated, why not choose an accessory instead – a ‘Design a Hat’ party, for example? Prizes can be awarded at the end for the best, the worst and the most effort.

Spa Day

Looking for something a bit more relaxing? Why not invite your teenage guests to an afternoon of pampering? Mobile beauticians are happy to come to your home and often work together to provide a party service. Teenage girls especially love mini facials, manicures and pedicures, as well as the opportunity to sit around chatting. A movie room where they can take time out and snack is perfect for those who prefer not to have any treatments, but still want to come along.

Animal Party

One of the most popular birthday party ideas in Essex right now, an animal themed party is an opportunity for guests to see and hold animals up close, and also a chance for them to learn all about the animals at the same time. From meerkats to snakes, lizards and owls, there is something for everyone. Animal parties vary, but many will offer hands on animal interaction and feeding demonstrations, with between 8 and 10 animals. Many will also offer extras, such as a photographer and downloadable images for each child to keep, as a memento of the fun they had. Choose to arrange a party in your own home or in a hired venue, like a local village hall.

Dance Party

Zumba parties are great for a high energy, fun-filled couple of hours. Enlist the help of a local instructor or book a dance party provider to get the party really rocking. Dance-offs and competitions will be very well received, or how about working together to choreograph a piece which can then be performed in front of parents at the end of the event? Make sure there is plenty of food and drink to keep the energy flowing.