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Our Animals get into the Halloween Spirit

November 1st, 2012 | dec | Tags:
  • Coatimundi & Pumpkin

The fun & excitement of Halloween may be over for us, but the animals got their own taste (literally) of the festivities today. We decided that instead of just throwing away our used pumpkins, we would fill them full of goodies and treats and give them to the animals.

It was great to watch Jubilee (our Red Fox) completely destroy hers in a matter of minutes! She obviously knew something good was inside. Caan on the other hand took a slightly less aggressive approach to getting the goods, and created a large hole in the front in which he used to access his rewards.

Sydney, Rani & Roo will be getting theirs tomorrow (we’re not just looking for an excuse to carve more pumpkins, honest…) with more pictures to come.

We’d like to know if you did something for your animals for Halloween, let us know in the comments below.