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New Licencing Rules

April 5th, 2019 | dec | Tags:

Under new laws brought in by government last year, any animal encounter company like ourselves need to hold a licence from 1st April 2019. We are please to say that we hold a valid licence which was issued by Chelmsford City Council (Licence number – 19/00194/PERANI).

Companies will have to undergo a full site inspection, with checks including health and well-being of the animals, suitable husbandry provided and thorough animal care regimes are in place much like zoo licencing.

Any company providing animal encounters or similar are required by law to hold a licence, so please check the company you are thinking of booking holds a valid licence. By law they must provide the licence number on the website. Please report any to the council at local fairs and events if you feel the animals welfare is being compromised and they do not display a licence number as they are not meeting the guidelines and insurance would be invalid without the licence.