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We’re Moving! Part 2…

September 18th, 2014 | dec | Tags:

The Build…

Part one of ‘We’re Moving’ is still available if you missed it but just to recap, we are relocating our Zoo 4 You premises to a new location near Stansted. We are building all new animal enclosures that are bigger and better! We have come a long way with the project since we started, yet we are still a while from completion…We are aiming to be at the new premises by the 1st October so fingers crossed that we are still on schedule.

Our wonderful workforce have been hard at work every day building at every opportunity they have had, around their already busy schedules, and their own jobs!

So as you can see, the site is coming along slowly but surely;

*The frames for the new fox enclosure were put in and painted.











*The bottom half of the fox enclosure was meshed not only to the posts, but also to the meshing that was across the underneath of the enclosure. The bottom of one side of the fox enclosure has also been boarded over.



building/ moving









*The earth was then broken down and smoothed out over the fox enclosure. An underground hide was created at this stage for Jubilee the fox.










*Three quarters of the fox enclosure has then been turfed. The underground hide that was constructed had tyres placed inside for support and also turfed. The two widths of the enclosure were then fully meshed.










So the fox enclosure now needs to have the last two sides meshed along with the roof and then the door needs to be hung and it will be complete! It will need a few aesthetic finishings such as hides and obstacles but they will be final touches.

The Skunks, Meerkats and Owls enclosures still need lots more doing to them but they are coming along. They have had the underneath of their enclosures meshed, the posts put in for the frames and have underground hides so it is mainly the meshing that needs to be completed for these now.

*We have done a great deal more to the enclosures since these were taken but they give an idea of some of the underground hides we have created.












Once again, we are very excited with how the new enclosures are coming along and can’t wait to get the animals into their new homes!


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