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Meerkats: Cute but Deadly

November 13th, 2012 | dec | Tags: , , ,

Ok, so they’re not really deadly, but they aren’t as cute & cuddly as many people would believe. Since the ever popular, and almost viral ‘Compare the Meerkat’ ads started appearing in 2009, meerkats have become ever more popular with the general population. Pre-dating this was also the TV show ‘Meerkat Manor’, a documentary style show followed the lives of several mobs of meerkats, yet unlike other documentaries this show had a slightly more dramatic approach to it’s production, the good thing being about this show was it actually showed the true nature of these animals, rather than depicting them as ‘cute & cuddly’… with Russian accents?

We feel it necessary to break this false image of these wonderful animals; not to put people off them altogether, but to educate people into knowing what they are really like. Granted some meerkats can be very friendly and affectionate; but this only comes with lots of human interaction from a young age, most meerkats can be very vicious and can do some serious damage. Take our 3 meerkats for example, Memphis is the boss, there’s no question about it. He will warn the others off food until he is done eating, push the others around and can even be quite nasty to them… but this is just how meerkats act, in a hierarchy. The funny thing is though, Memphis is actually the nicest out of the 3 towards people, he loves attention and loves being tickled and scratched behind the ears and on the belly. The other 2, Muppet & Maisy are a completely different story, try to pick one of them up and expect a badly bitten finger!

Keeping meerkats is not something I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t done their research and I would definitely not recommend them to anyone looking for something they can cuddle up with on the sofa! They need lots of attention, space and A LOT of food, about £40 p/w in insects alone for a group of 3, as well as meat, fruit & vege.

Having said all of that, meerkats are fascinating creatures and we’ve not even started to talk about them in any level of depth here. If you would like to find out more about them we are available for animal specific talks & presentations, just click the link below to find out more!

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