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How to make your kid’s birthday party a learning experience

April 10th, 2017 | dec | Tags:

An excellent kid’s birthday party should be fun and it should be memorable, but there’s no reason it can’t also be a learning experience. In fact, children tend to get much more out of a learning experience than they do from a simple day of fun. If you would like to make your child’s birthday party extra special by incorporating some education into the fun, then read on for some top ideas.

Animal parties

When it comes to zoology, there are a wealth of options out there. Most zoos, petting farms or natural history museums offer birthday parties, often with close-up animal encounters. These are a great option for kids party ideas in Essex where there are plenty of these types of attractions. What kids tend to relish more, however, are animal parties where a selection of creatures is brought to them, either at home or at a local hall or similar. These may include reptile or insect parties.

Forest parties

Get in touch with your local nature reserve as many offer children’s birthday parties on a range of themes. Some offer a forest experience which may include den building and campfires, others offer themed nature trails or even stargazing experiences, which are perfect for older children.

Science parties

Do you live close to a science museum or experience? These are found in most major cities in the UK in one form or another and many offer excellent children’s birthday parties. Sometimes they will include the chance for children to watch, or even carry out some fun science experiments. Some party providers can even bring science to your house. This is perfect for those looking for kids party ideas in Essex where there is no science museum or attraction.

Craft parties

Craft is certainly a learning experience and a great way to encourage creativity and imagination. Plus, it generally means children have a keepsake from the party. If you are craf minded yourself you can get the necessary bits in and do it at home, if not, find a local ceramics painting store and see if they hold parties.

Cooking parties

A cooking or baking party can be a great learning experience, especially if you include notions of healthy eating or focus on baking, which requires maths and recipe following. Don’t forget, the great British Bake Off is a big hit with all age groups. Baking parties or cooking parties can take place at a specialist cooking school or alternatively, in your own home, provided you invite a small number of children and have a large enough kitchen! The great thing about these parties is that the children prepare their own food, be it pizzas or cake.

A child’s birthday party with an educational underpinning is a great option. It keeps adults happy and often means that children have a richer experience than running around a hall with a few balloons. Make sure you create an unforgettable learning party by inviting a team of reptiles over or perhaps visiting a science museum or nature reserve.

Your kids will remember it for years to come!