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Make corporate events fun and happening with live animals

November 16th, 2016 | dec | Tags:

Meet Zoo 4 You, an exciting and passionate team from Dunmow in Essex. Animal mad Samantha and Declan Knapp have turned a lifelong obsession into a successful business, providing animal encounters and education for schools, birthday parties, weddings and corporate events.

Party animals

Zoo 4 You is a major player in the UK animal entertainment industry. Having this colourful bunch at your corporate event will definitely get tongues wagging and make your business stand out from the crowd. A memorable event should always have something different as a talking point that attendees will remember forever. So If you’re planning an event in the Southeast or even further afield, Zoo 4 You can bring your corporate event to life with its animal magic.

The team can cater to your individual needs which can be entertaining guests, organizing an educational animal meet or a surprise furry friend turning up in the crowd. Whatever your requirements, your guests will have plenty of opportunities to handle the animals, and to ask questions about their needs and behaviours. If you prefer, the event can be geared around animal education. Zoo 4 You can provide entertaining but educational talks based around the team’s long experience working with many different kinds of animals.

Inform and educate

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an animal for corporate events in Essex and the surrounding area, or you’re searching for a variety of creatures, you could choose the more structured option of arranging the Zoo 4 You marquee. This will arrive complete with vivarium’s, for an informative and interactive animal encounter. A vivarium is a miniature recreation of a natural habitat, and it will enable you and your guests to observe the animals in their home environment. The team will introduce you to each animal individually and your guests will have the opportunity to learn more about each one, as well as how to care for the animals and how to promote animal welfare in general. Up to 10 animals can be accommodated in the Zoo 4 You marquee. There are reptiles, owls, hedgehogs, snakes, frogs and many more.

If you are looking for an animal for corporate events in Essex and the Southeast, look no further than Zoo 4 You. Whether you are part of an industry that deals with animal welfare or related fields, or you are simply an organisation full of animal enthusiasts, Zoo 4 You can devise a corporate entertainment package to meet your individual requirements.

The team is always keen to educate and inform the public about the animals in its care. Zoo 4 You can bring its menagerie to your event and gear a visit around a presentation of the animals and explanation of their natural habitat, biology, physiology and welfare concerns. If you would like Ernie the African Bullfrog, Clive the Crested Gecko or Bella the Barn Owl to attend your next corporate event, don’t hesitate to contact Zoo 4 You today.