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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are your birthday parties suitable for?

Our animal parties work best for children aged 5 and upwards, however we do offer a package for ages 3 – 5. Adult supervision is required at all times for children under 10 years old. We also offer services to schools / nursery groups that cater for children under 5.

How many children can attend your birthday parties?

We find that our animal parties work best with groups between 8 – 12 children, and we highly recommend keeping numbers to as close to this as possible, however we can cater for a maximum of 15 if required. Check our Animal Birthday Parties page for more information.

Are you Insured?

Yes. We hold public liability insurance for up to £5m and also have employers liability insurance in place.

Do you cover our area?

To see the areas we cover please see here.

Can I have the party at our home, or do we need a hall?

We find that our parties work best at home, we do not require a huge amount of space and we find it to be more intimate this way. The children also tend to stay more focused in a home environment and it is easier to keep numbers down when holding the party at home, it also keeps your costs down!

Can we choose which animals attend our party?

We like to bring a selection of all different animals to our birthday parties, this is so the children can learn about all the different animals and alleviate any misconceptions that snakes, spiders etc are dangerous and scary. We think it is important to give children the chance to get up-close to all of the animals and set any fears aside they may have, as it is often just the way the “scary” animals are portrayed in tv, films and books etc that lead people to believe they are dangerous.

Please note that we are unable to give a choice of animals for the parties as our main priority is the welfare of the animals and so we must rotate the animals that we use to ensure that they each have adequate rest days. We hope that you understand.

We have our own animals, is this ok?

As long as they are kept safely tucked up in their cage or in another room that is no problem at all.

How do we pay the deposit and the balance?

We ask for a 20% non-refundable deposit to secure the booking, which can be made by a card payment over the phone or bank transfer. The balance must be paid on the day of the event in cash. Please note there is a 2% charge for credit cards and we do not accept Amex/American Express.

For our full payment & cancellation policies please see our T&C’s here: https://www.zoo4you.co.uk/terms-conditions/

How much space do you require?

We do not need a huge amount of space, a normal sized living room would normally be fine but please try and situate the party area out of play rooms and rooms with lots of other distractions.

What time will you arrive?

We will usually arrive 30 minutes prior to the event for birthday parties & school talks, and around 1 hour before for fetes etc.