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Foxes: Friends or Foe?

June 18th, 2014 | dec | Tags:

Here at Zoo 4 You, one of our main goals is to inform and educate people about different species of animal. There always seems to be a great deal of debate around foxes; from fox hunting, fox furs and more recently fox attacks on the public. So here, I decided it was about time for me to clear up a few foxy facts.

Foxy Facts

*Foxes are not overly dissimilar to domesticated dogs;

  1. They are able to learn tricks and seem to respond well with training (Here a truly adorable video I came across of a lady who has trained wild foxes to sit outside her window for food; Fox Training). -Although at Zoo 4 You we do not condone feeding wild foxes, this is an amazing demonstration of the relationships that can be formed with wildlife.
  2. They play with toys just like our pet dogs, they love balls and rope toys.
  3. Our resident fox Jubilee loves tickles! Many exotic animals kept in captivity do not seem to mind being handled or stroked yet would not be bothered without interaction. Jubilee on the other hand loves human interaction and craves attention!


Here is a video of our fox Jubilee enjoying tickles from her favourite keeper Declan;


*Foxes are nervous animals;

  1. As a species in general foxes are nervous of people.
  2. They are much more likely to run and hide then stay and fight.
  3. Even Jubilee who has been brought up with human interaction is still sceptical. She is timid and shy around people she is not used to but she is becoming more accustomed to meeting new people.

*Fox diet;

  1. In the wild foxes will eat a variety of small animals such as rabbits, rats, chickens and birds.
  2. Foxes bury uneaten food to store for times when they are unable to catch prey.
  3. Foxes are agile hunters but are also scavengers which is why they are known for being sly and cunning.

Despite all of the above that I have said about how intelligent and affectionate foxes can be, there is one thing I am not forgetting, they ARE wild animals. Of course, with all animals, there is the possibility that they will bite. However, it is VERY rare that a fox would bite unprovoked. The majority of animals that do bite, do so out of fear rather than malice or viciousness.

It is sad and unfortunate that these remarkable animals are often seen as pests or as a threat. We at Zoo 4 You hope that we can educate people about our animals and create a better understanding of animal instincts. It is important to remember that as much as they are living in our society, we are living in theirs.


Below are a few of our favourite images of Jubilee our Red Fox.















Foxes      Foxes












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