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Five Ways to Organise Kids’ Birthday Parties

January 19th, 2017 | dec | Tags:

With the growing pressure on parents for their children to have the best parties in the world compared to their friends, more and more companies are popping up looking to provide the best deals around. The choices in front of you can be a little overwhelming, and when it comes to making those choices, you’ll need some ideas about how to organise the best birthday party ideas in Essex.

Party Basics

Plan your party basics and get the birthday child involved. If you need any direct help with the birthday party you are organising, getting a theme agreed with your child is the first step. Whether you are looking at a children’s ‘afternoon tea’ type of party so that little girls can act like ‘ladies who lunch’, or you are looking at a party filled with reptiles that can be petted, your child will have plenty of ideas about what they want from their party.

Get Those Specifics Nailed

Deciding on a theme is more fun than getting the details tied down. How many children will you be holding this party for? How long will it go on for? Where is the venue? Organising a party can be easy, and if you use a company to help with the best birthday party ideas in Essex, then you’re half way there.

Reply SVP

Doing the invitations for a child’s birthday party can either be sponsored by Pinterest or come as part of a package deal. If you have a soft-play party, they often come with a set of invites for the lucky birthday girl or boy to hand out to their friends. Animal-themed birthday parties may have invitations that you can personalise in the shapes of the animals that they have on offer. Make sure to include the right number and a time frame for replies.

Decorate Your Venue

Again, this is something that depends on the type of party venue you have. Often professional birthday party companies will offer a decorating service for you. To make life easier, you could have a birthday party company come to you at home and set up there, and you can therefore have a little more freedom with your party decorations. This is where creative websites come in handy for fantastic ideas.

Feeding Time

You’ve sorted out the party theme and the invitations – next is the food and drink. If your little girl wants a posh tea party, then finger sandwiches, delicate cakes and juice that pretends to be tea would be perfect for her friends. If you have organised a company to bring animals to your home to have an educational experience, then how about animal-shaped sandwiches with funky names for each filling? There are so many fantastic ideas out there, but if you are not the creative type, make life easier and hire a catering company. Better yet, save the pennies and use the buffet service at Marks and Spencer for wholesome and tasty food.