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Our Animals

The African Pygmy Hedgehog is aroundĀ half the size of the hedgehogs you might find in the UK and also their colourings greatly vary. Hedgehogs have a soft belly and lots of little spikes covering their backs and sides that are called quills. These quills lay flat and are relatively soft when the hedgehog is feeling relaxed. When threatened, a hedgehogs defence is to curl into a ball and to point its quills outwards to act as a protection from predators. African Pygmy hedgehogs eat a variety of insects such as; crickets and meal worms. In captivity these hedgehogs eat insects but also cat food, fruit and vegetables.

*Much like hamsters and other pets our hedgehog loves nothing more than running in his wheel and playing with toys!

Mr Pricklesworth is great for all types of events, especially school talks covering topics such as nocturnal animals.