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Our Animals

The Hissing Cockroach originates in Madagascar and is one of the largest species of Cockroach. They live hidden amongst the forest and have a diet of fruit and other forest vegetation. This species of cockroach can grow between 2 – 3 inches and they can also live up to 5 years! They live in colonies and generally the females are smaller than the males. The male cockroaches also have horns on their heads that they use during battles with other males. Unlike lots of species of cockroach, the Madagascan Hissing Cockroach does not have the ability to fly as it does not have wings.

They are named Hissing Cockroaches as they hiss when they feel threatened, or after battle with one another to declare themselves the winner. The hissing sound is made by air being forced through the abdomen.

*Unbelievably, the noise these little creepy crawlies make is the equivalent to a lawnmower or a hair dryer!

These large and friendly Hissing Cockroaches are available for all types of events.