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Our Animals

Meet Amy & Leela, our fancy rats. Rats are very sociable creatures and should always be kept in a group, they just love snuggling up together to sleep! Rats are well known for their long, hairless tails. Their tails provide them with great balance which allows them to be excellent climbers. They are also incapable of sweating and so they release a great deal of heat from their tails.

Rats are extraordinarily intelligent and have the ability to learn their name as well as numerous tricks. They do not have great eyesight so they rely greatly on their whiskers to sense their surroundings. Despite popular belief, they are very clean animals and spend a lot of time washing themselves in a similar way to cats. Strangely, rats are unable to vomit!

*Although undetectable to the human ear, rats make a laughing sound when they are tickled!

Both Amy & Leela have a friendly, playful nature and are a great addition to any type of event, and are especially great at our animal parties.