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Our Animals

Chinchillas come from the Andes and are specially adapted to living in mountainous areas with a high altitude. Due to the high altitude in which they live, a Chinchilla carries a great deal of oxygen in its blood stream, allowing it to breath normally. Chinchillas use their tails for balance and are very good climbers. They also have the ability to jump down about 6ft!  Chinchillas also have incredibly dense fur to keep them warm whilst living in a cold climate. These features are the perfect adaptations for their environment. Chinchillas were often hunted by native tribes in the Andes for their fur and are now classed as critically endangered in the wild.

*Did you know – Chinchillas have between 50 and 80 hairs growing out of one hair follicle in comparison to humans who have between 2 and 3 hairs for each hair follicle!

This is Cream, one of our Chinchillas, she loves hopping about the room. She makes a great addition to any event!