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Animals vs. Hurricanes

October 30th, 2012 | dec | Tags: , , , ,

So since Hurricane Sandy hit yesterday, it got us thinking here about how animals in the wild as well as in captivity deal with storms like these. A lot of our animals react very differently to wet conditions (i’m not comparing the conditions to a hurricane!). Some seem to hate it and will seek shelter straight away such as: chinchillas, sugar gliders, some snakes and other small animals (not that they are often subjected to it). Whereas some of our animals love just sitting out in the rain; like our Raccoon Dogs or our Red Fox, who will quite happily curl up out in the open during a storm, even though she has a lovely warm shelter she could be in.

But this is only thinking about our relatively small amount of animals dealing with the English weather, what about those in areas subjected to much more adverse conditions? We found a brilliant article on the Discovery News website that details just how some animals cope with conditions such as hurricanes and other severe weather conditions.

One of our favourite parts of the article was this:

“In the forest during storms, orangutans will make protective canopies and “hats” out of leaves…”

It just goes to show how adaptive and clever some species are. I have seen an orangutan try to put on a pair of trousers at Colchester zoo before but would have loved to see it with a matching hat to go with his outfit!

You can read the article here: How Animals Deal with Downpours