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5 Fun Animal Facts of the Week! #4

December 5th, 2014 | dec | Tags:

Fun Fact Friday From Zoo 4 You!



1.) Macleays Stick Insects

* They are also known as Giant Prickly Stick Insects

These stick insects can grown up to 15 centimetres long! They are also good at camouflage, as their name suggests they look like sticks. The Macleays stick insect also has a unique defence. When threatened the Macleays bends its tail up over it’s body to mimic a scorpion!

Macleays are our Zoo 4 You animal of the week!

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2.) The Hummingbird

* Hummingbirds are named after the sound they make during flight

Hummingbirds flap their wings around 80 times per second creating a humming sound! They have the ability to fly backwards but they are also notorious for their ability to hover. Hummingbirds also do not have the ability to walk or hop. Their feet are only used for perching, which they tend to do a lot of, flapping 80 times a second is tiring work for such a small bird! The Hummingbird is the smallest bird and lays equally tiny eggs, measuring around 1cm long!

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3.) The Tiger

No tigers stripes are the same as another. Their stripes are not only on their fur, but their stripes are also on their skin! Tigers have exceptionally good manors in that they do not fight over their prey, they take it in turns to eat allowing the cubs and females to feed first.

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4.) The Elephant

Elephants have an amazing ability to find water underground. They can search out the water and dig down to access it. Certain human civilisations actually follow elephants in search of water during the dry season. Once the elephants have found water the people then create wells for their own community. They are always sure to leave some out for the elephants too!



5.) The Seahorse

These beautiful little creatures are generally rather fascinating. Their eyes are independent from one another meaning that they can look in two different directions at once! Seahorses have the ability to change colour so that they can be camouflaged amongst their surroundings. The males and females also change colour when they meet in courtship. Their appearance can vary so much that scientists have often found it difficult to identify the species. Seahorses are the only known animal where the males go through pregnancy! The females transfer their eggs to the males where they are fertilised and carried in his pouch. Seahorses pair up for life.

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